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Looking for something fun to do with your girls? Well save the date! On October 4-5th Shecky’s Girls Night Out comes to Chicago. The event will feature fabulous designers, yummy drinks, goodie bags, and plenty of pampering. 

Click on the link to purchase tickets and learn more about this fabulous event!

General Admission: $10

General Admission + Goodie Bag: $30

Vendors & Designer Featured: 

Bath by Riley (Beauty)

Benefit Brow Bar (Beauty)

Dress Up (Clothing & Jewlery)

Feathered Up (Accessories)

Eda & Betty Heirloom Couture (Jewlery)

Lia Molly (Clothing)

Simply Gorgeous (Jewelry)

Stella & Dot (Dana Haskins)

Skinny Water (Drinks)

The Waxing Room (Beauty Services)

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Photo 19 Sep 1,940 notes I don’t like Chicago autumn. Winter, come soon!

I don’t like Chicago autumn. Winter, come soon!

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Not as good as last year’s KILLER line-up, but stoked for Common, @Mayor Emmanuel, Mary Cassatt and Tomorrow’s History. Love it or hate it (and boy, did I hate Tania Brugera last year), this is an awesome event and Chicago is super lucky to have it. 

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Welcome home, Class of 2015. 

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Strange enough that I had to reblog..


Together, we can ensure their utter victory.

Which is different from udder victory.


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This October, the Seminary Co-op  will celebrate its 50th birthday, and within a year it will say goodbye  to its cherished home in the basement of the Chicago Theology Seminary -  a winding, and seemingly endless, labyrinth of books. 
No coffee, no knick-knacks, just books.
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Photo 18 Sep 6 notes For anyone arriving in this beautiful city..

For anyone arriving in this beautiful city..

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Whooo! Enjoy your O-Week, class of 2015! :)


The University of Chicagowarts

Justin Kern captures the Windy City. 

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